gifts4locals team photo

Meet the Gifts4Locals Team

We love walking down our main street and popping into our boutique shops and cafes and feeling a part of our wonderful community.

Our idea is to help our local shops thrive in an environment that can be difficult in a world of E-Commerce, E-Social, E-Competition and Multinationals.

We are creating a new online community for our vendors to sell their gift vouchers and join the “clickgift” blitz of gift giving where the retailer, purchaser, receiver, and community will all benefit.

“Where the shopping for gift cards online is a gift giving experience for the love of your community”

Jenny (pictured middle)

My favourite thing to do is: I love, love, love Yoga, walking in the fresh air, coffee with friends in little coffee shops, laughter at the dinner table, nostalgic small town shopping and I especially love holidays with family.

Favourite quote:-“Live, Love, Laugh with all your heart”.

Genevieve (pictured right)

My favourite thing to do is: Take early morning walks in Autumn Winter & Spring (Never in summer, it’s too hot and too many snakes!!). Coffee and cake with my friends is never an option but a must, I love adventure and laughing.

Favourite quote: “Promise you’ll always remember you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think”-Winnie the Pooh)

Vanessa (pictured left)

The best things in life are: Family, friends and holidays on the beach.

My favourite quote is: “Life is like a camera, Focus on what’s important and you’ll capture it perfectly”.